Interview tips and hints

Different type of interviews

Telephone Interview

This is the most common interview to receive after the first application. The purpose of phone interviews is for the employer to get a grasp on how well you can communicate and also your ability in dealing with questions on the spot. It is also a chance for the employer to reconfirm key information in your CV so make sure you know your CV inside out!

Group Interview

Some employers might invite you straight to a group interview with fellow candidates. For many this can seem the most daunting, so don’t worry that you’re nervous! These group interviews will usually test key skills such as communication and team-work. With group interviews it is important to have a presence in the room but also balance this presence with effective listening skills.

Face-to-face Interview

Usually after you proceed with a telephone/groups interview the employer would invite you to a face-to-face interview. These face-to-face interviews are normally the final stage in the job application process and as a result is important that you have researched the company and the position thoroughly. You will be facing candidates with similar experience and qualifications at this stage so it is critical that you clearly state to the employer what distinguishes you from the crowd.

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